VIDEO: Deep Water Soloing in Vietnam

Spencer Cox | ClimbingClimbing

If this video doesn’t make you want to go deep water soloing in Vietnam- I don’t know what will. Professional climbers Kyra Condie and Tim Emmet head to Vietnam with Louder Than Eleven productions to explore the vast oceanic cliffs that the country has to offer.

Tim Emmet is considered to be one of the great pioneers of deep water soloing and has established routes all around the world, including a few areas in Vietnam. Conversely, Kyra Condie is a world-class and accomplished sport climber and boulderer who is just getting her toes wet in the realm of deep water soloing.

Watch as this duo travels around Ha Long Bay sampling gorgeous routes from over 3000 impressive limestone formations. And be sure to stick around to see Kyra Condie send the beastly 5.13, ” Lightning Crack” – one of the most difficult deep water solos in Vietnam.

This is an incredible video that will make you want to get out and climb!

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