VIDEO: Deer Valley men’s aerials, 1st place: a never been done 3 backflips & 5 spins

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Maxim Burov of Russia won first place in this year’s men’s aerial finals at Deer Valley, UT, and the trick he took the prize with was something NO ONE had ever seen before.

Burov, 21, somehow managed to pull off a never-done-before 3 backflips and 5 spins that secured him first place in the men’s aerials championship at Deer Valley, last Saturday, Feb. 8. Needless to say, the crowd went WILD upon Burov stomping the new trick.

Maxim Alekseyevich Burov is a Russian male freestyle skier. He participated under the Olympic flag, representing Russia during the 2018 Winter Olympics and competed in the men’s aerials.


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