VIDEO: Denver, CO Issues “Stay-at-Home” Order That Starts Tuesday

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“This isn’t a recommendation anymore. People need to stay at home.  We will enforce when and where necessary.”

– Denver Mayor Hancock, 3/23/20

Full “Stay-at-Home” order here:


“this “STAY AT HOME” (“Order”) requires all individuals anywhere in the City and County of Denver to shelter in place – that is, stay at home – except for certain essential activities and work to provide essential business and govermnent services or perfonn essential public infrastrncture construction, including housing.”

– Stay-at-Home oder via Mayor Hancock, 3/23/20

This “Stay-at-Home” order will go into effect tomorrow, Tuesday at 5pm and will remain in place until April 10th, 2020.

Denver citizens will be able to visit the grocery store, doctors, and go out for exercise.

“If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re not sick you need to stay home too.”

– Denver Mayor Hancock, 3/23/20

Colorado Governor Polis has not yet issued a “Stay-at-Home” order for the state but he did order that all non-essential businesses in Colorado cut their work force by 50% yesterday.


Denver, CO

Some Details of Denver’s “Stay-at-Home” Order:

  • Parks will stay open but the mayor asks that citizens maintain social distancing of 6-feet or more from each other
  • Picnicking and gatherings will be prohibited in parks
  • Liquor stores will be closed and will not be able to deliver
  • Restaurants will still be able to do to-go orders
  • Breweries will be closed
  • Medical marijuana operations will remain open
  • Daycare facilities will stay open
  • Enforcement:  last resort only


Coronavirus Update As of March 22nd at 6am MT:

  • 125 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in Denver
  • 0 deaths via Coronavirus in Denver
  • 600 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in Colorado
  • 7 deaths via Coronavirus in Colorado


States That Have Issued “Stay-at-Home” Orders to Date:

  • State of California
  • State of Florida
  • State of Connecticut
  • State of Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Massachussets
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia

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