VIDEO: “Desert Dust” is Causing Colorado’s Snowpack to Melt Early

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Great.  Just what we need…  

Dust on snow in Colorado leads to a faster melting snowpack.  The dust on the snow absorbs more sunlight, creating more heat, and it melts the snowpack much faster than it would otherwise melt.  No bueno..

“Scientists believe an increase in “dust on snow” events over the last decade may be the result of soil destabilization in the source region of Arizona and Utah.  It’s not warm air temperature that speeds up the snowmelt, it’s the actual radiation from the sun that does the job.

A 60-degree day with full sun will melt more snow than a 70-degree cloudy day.  Dirt absorbs the solar radiation melting the snow around it, while clean white snow reflects the radiation preserving the snowpack longer.” – ABC7 Denver

Colorado ski resort closing dates here:

2015/16 Closing Dates For North American Ski Resorts

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