VIDEO: Detailed Tioga Pass, CA Road Update on a Bicycle

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This video shows us exactly what is happening on Tioga Pass Rd., CA right now.  This video is from May 21st, 2017.

Crews have been able to plow the snow off the road as far as Ellery Lake, but there are many other dangers that still lurk:  landslides, rockfall, snow wall collapse, avalanches, more…

So, how is snow clearing going from the west side of Tioga Pass?  Like this:

Tioga Pass rd on the west side. photo: yosemite national park, yesterday

“Road crews have reached the west end of the Olmsted Point avalanche zone (which is just west of Tenaya Lake). Avalanche conditions are currently unsafe, but may improve in the next few days. Safety is the top priority, so crews will wait until conditions are safe before plowing through the avalanche chute. Meanwhile, crews are widening the plowed lanes and performing road repairs elsewhere on Tioga Road.” – Yosemite National Park, yesterday

Tioga pass cross section with Yosemite Valley

We’re guess that Tioga Pass road will open at some point in mid to late June.

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