[VIDEO] Don’t Change – Big Sky Resort, MT, Founder’s Vision for the Future

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The unique culture and lifestyle of Big Sky’s residents is still alive, but it is changing rapidly. This short film echoes the words of Big Sky’s founder Chet Huntley and his vision for what the community of Big Sky will be and what it won’t be for future generations.

As Chet once said, “It might be appropriate to go back and just think for a little bit and do things with longer spaces in between”.

This is the winning film from the 2023 Big Sky Shootout Film Festival.

This is a short film I recently made that seems to have hit an emotional cord with the locals in Big Sky/Bozeman area.

It shows archival footage of Big Sky and audio of Chet Huntley’s (founder of Big Sky, MT, famous NBC News broadcaster) vision for what he hoped Big Sky would be.

Overall I tried to show how overdevelopment and rapid growth can hurt the local culture and that we need to do as Chet Huntley once said, “Slow down and do things with more spaces in between.”

It’s by no means a negative piece, more of a celebration of what we have and a reminder to take care of it.  I think it mirrors the issues happening in many ski towns these days and hopefully resonates with their residents as well.

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