[VIDEO] Dramatic Rescue of Dog Caught in Colorado Avalanche He Triggered

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Two men were backcountry skiing the Berthoud Pass area in Colorado when they saw a an avalanche occurring about a thousand feet away, reports ABC.

The guys rushed over to the site where they encountered another group––all people were accounted for, but a dog with the group was missing.

According to a preliminary report of the avalanche submitted to the CAIC by the dog’s owner, the dog, named Apollo ran away from the owner above a steep, rocky slope, triggered the avalanche and was swept over the cliff and through several trees before disappearing into the sea of snow.

The group searched for the dog for 20-minutes using their probe poles, with absolutely no idea where he might be buried.

Just as they were about to give up, the lucky dog was found. The footage above shows them digging out the buried dog.

Credit: CAIC

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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Dramatic Rescue of Dog Caught in Colorado Avalanche He Triggered

  1. This sounds suspect dude..longs peak is in a national park…lizard pass? Do you mean lizard head pass. Maybe your dumb? But…You definitely need to slow down!
    Sounds like it’s you that doesnt belong in the backcountry

  2. I was tree skiing down fast at Lizard Pass. Someone’s dog suddenly ran out from behind a tree forcing me to either hit and probably kill the dog or high speed into a deep tree well that very nearly drowned me. I was hanging completely upside down by my skis in bottomless powder and could not reach my bindings or anything else solid. And no air to breath. And same thing happened to me years before on Longs Peak. A dog running up to me forced me to veer, shattering my kneecap on a rock.

  3. @ssholes! Dogs do not belong in the backcountry. I almost died avoiding one that suddenly ran in front of me.

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