VIDEO: Epic 12-Day, 43-Mile Trip in Big Mountains of Las Lenas, Argentina

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by Victor Canciones

Snow conditions were really good to go deep last spring down here in the Cordillera de los Andes. By the middle of september, when Las Leñas sadly shut down, we decided to put together the old and too used camping stuff, food, sun screen, tunes,rolling papers, skins, chaspolas (snowshoes), crampons, ice axe, headlamps and batteries to hit this sweet spot.  Backpacks closely weight  50 kilos at the moment of leaving home.

Screen shot from the movie
Screen shot from the movie. Looks like Alaska…

It was 12 days out there,70 km walked, valleys and a few super cold rivers crossing, one 90 cm powder storm, rats mates sleeping with us in camp 1, heavy rain in camp 2, one burned boot, rice and beans for brunch and dinner, 5/7 hours of hike everyday, condors, rabbits, foxes, first descents, powder lines, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, silence, beauty… Friends and nobody else around…

Screen shot from the movie
Screen shot from the movie


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