Video: Fat Bike Snow Park?

Keenan Grady | CycleCycle

Have you ever dreamed of taking your fat bike through a ski resort’s terrain park?


Well these guys had that dream, and rapidly set to their local ski hill at Buck Hill, MN.  The squad is rolling pretty deep with fat-bikers and an ATV to help shuttle them up the half pipe.  This is pretty amazing and might actually be a glimpse into the future of winter recreation.  Downhill mountain biking is no longer simply a summer sport.  The birth of fat bikes has spurred this next generation of riders to be able to handle any terrain from sand, to mud, to snow- and have a blast doing it.


It looks like such a blast taking a fat bike through the half pipe and the rest of the terrain park.  All the jibs are set up for natural flow and it makes total sense to hit these obstacles on a set of wheels.  Its like having a downhill park like Trestle at Winter Park or Crankworx at Whistler but at your own local ski resort where the falls don’t break your collar bone immediately.


Grand Targhee, Wyoming and Spirit Mountain, Minnesota both have lift access downhill mountain biking available for fat bikers with local restrictions on riding times and trails, however this is just the beginning of the sport.  It will be exciting to see how many other resorts jump on the bandwagon.

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One thought on “Video: Fat Bike Snow Park?

  1. This is so lame. Cool you did a back flip. That bike makes you look clumsy, don’t care who ya are.

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