VIDEO: First Ever Double Backflip 90º Onto a Box…

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Posted by Jesper Tjäder on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jasper Tjader is a wild animal.  He’s now doing double backflips onto boxes, double corks off of rails, rope swing backflips onto boxes, switch front flips box to box, cork 810º’s box to box, it’s just getting weird now…

Jasper drawing.
Jasper drawing.

His new video, “Unrailistic,” is pretty sick.

Watch Unrailistic Video

Jasper drawing.
Jasper drawing.

“Jasper Tjader has built the freestyle park of his dreams and decided to treat us to one of the craziest and most creative rail edits we’ve ever seen. The Swedish freeskier managed to pack three minutes of tricks and features in one amazing package, so if you haven’t hit play yet, you need to do so now.” – Red Bull

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