VIDEO: First Tracks in Mammoth After 20 Feet Of Snow

Matias Ricci |

On Thursday, after a 10-day storm, videographer Colin Farrell drove 16 hours to Mammoth to get some deep powder. This video proves it was worth the drive. He was there in first-chair fashion on Mammoth’s Chair 22 and documented the experience for this All Time video.

“Locals were out in force today, emotions were at an all time high,” he wrote in an email. “There was an energy about things, excitement as friends were taking to the mountain, making a play for first chair. I’ve been here for 15-plus years, and I’ve seen it lean, I’ve seen it loaded. Especially given the recent drought years, today was heaven, euphoric, really as good as I’ve ever had it. Not only was it great for first chair, but lap after lap there were stashes to be had all over… It was pure joy.”

You can read the full post from Powder Magazine here.

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