VIDEO: “Fubuki” | A Squaw Boy Finds Bliss in Japan

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by Josh Anderson

So I went to Japan with all of your friends and your mom and skied overhead powder and ate all the sushi a healthy American can handle and came home wise and fulfilled. Just kidding. I escaped Tahoe at just the right time with three Tahoe homies and saw friends from around the world. We skied a lot of pow, were heavily chastised for skiing in the wrong place, ate at The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, chased Serow through the woods, saw the fire festival in Nozawa Onsen and got eyed up by the Japanese media and search and rescue. (That ought to answer any questions about the video.)

Hop a plane, train, bus, cab, whatever, and snag a room in Niseko next year. Seriously, cause I’m going to just to bust Miles Clarks balls. The trip alone is worth it. I’m not even gonna ski, the snows too deep and it’s a lot of work. I’ll just be yelling “Fubuki!” from the bar.

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