VIDEO: Getting Dangerous in Las Lenas |The Les Couloir

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Posted by Aymar Navarro on Monday, August 31, 2015

This is as tight as a couloir can get.  The move that Aymar makes in the cruz is pretty nuts…  The consequence was really high.

Dorian's view.
Dorian’s view.

Was this a good idea?  Was it worth it?


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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Getting Dangerous in Las Lenas |The Les Couloir

  1. From the top , I would have just pointed them down and not turned. It slows you down too much when you turn.

  2. Depends on the day, depends on how you feel. A buddy and I did something like that once, he ran into a tree and walked a little funny for a few weeks.

    Snow looked pretty good

  3. Too much rock, too little snow. Too dangerous. Death wish shit. One wrong move and you are breaking your body.

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