VIDEO: Glacier National Park Visits Way Down 2020

Rouchelle Gilmore |

Glacier National Park has been busy through the end of summer, although visitor numbers over the summer are way down. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down earlier in the season, it could be the quietest since 2011 at under 2 million visitors.

The National Park Service reports even July visitation was low, a 48% drop, with 453,000 visitors for the month, compared to 879,000 July 2019.

The numbers had dropped from 2019 by 57% when reported the total so far at the end of July. It showed the overall Glacier traffic, had barely passed 700,000, a drop from 1.6 million at the same point last summer.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Glacier National Park Visits Way Down 2020

  1. 57% down so far as compared to 2019, except the park was closed entirely for a period this spring. And the visitors are crammed into a much smaller area, with less than half of the park actually open. Not a surprise that Flathead country, on the west (open) side of the park, still has a high infection rate for COVID and one of the highest numbers active cases in the state. It takes some comparison and perspective to see that far too many people are driving cross country and spreading their germs, even if the numbers are “down.”

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