[VIDEO] Gnarly Skidoo Accident Caught With Insta360

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The incredible accident was caught on Andy’s Insta360. | Picture: Screenshot of Video on Instagram

Snowmobile athlete Andy Messner caught the blood-curdling moment his Skidoo landed on top of him with his Insta360. Andy attempts a jump off a ramp and falls off the Skidoo as the snowmobile shoots further into the air and proceeds to land on the athlete. Andy broke his hip in the accident.

Andy posted the video on his own website and we would not share it if the fearless athlete had not posted it himself with the comments: ”Okay, here it is for all you sick bastards asking to see how I broke my hip haha!”

The best moment is probably when his friend shoots to his rescue on his snowmobile and hauls the Skidoo off Andy swiftly like he is Hulk Hogan. 

We wish Andy a speedy recovery.

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