VIDEO: Great White Shark LEAPS Completely Out of the Water to Kill Seal at Alcatraz, CA

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Earlier this week, we reported on a Great White Shark eating a seal in a video by a family near the famous isle of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. 

Today we have video of that same 10-foot-long Great White Shark leaping completely out of the water to grab and kill a seal or sea lion at Alcatraz. We’re nearly positive this breaching behavior has never been documented in the San Francisco Bay. In general, breaching behaivor for Great White Sharks is generally limited to South Africa.

This video was taken by a security camera at the Alcatraz docks.

“It was almost like surreal. I mean, I’ve seen movies, sharks, other things going on. But to see it in front of you is just amazing.  For this to happen is like a maybe once in a lifetime, right from Alcatraz.”

“I saw this shark come right up. And I said, ‘My God! It’s a shark! It’s a big shark!’ I thought it was two sharks because it was big and long.  I saw the torso in front and the tail in the back. And I was like astonished, like, ‘Oh my God! This is huge!'” – Tony Bermudez, Alcatraz Cruises Guest Supervisor

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