VIDEO: Grizzly Bear Chases Snowboarder Down Slope…

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We want to start off by saying:  “Yes, this video is for sure fake.  But it’s pretty damn entertaining…”

Secondly, this girl is snowboarding in the backcountry without a backpack, beacon, probe, shovel, avy education, or partner.  This behavior will kill you much quicker than a grizzly bear will…

This video is “reported” to have been filmed in Hakuba, Japan on Honshu Island (the island that has Tokyo) over the weekend.  

Learn About Bears in Japan:

  • There are no Grizzly Bears (the Ussuri Brown Bear or “Black Grizzly” or Ursus Arctos Lasiotus) on Honshu Island in Japan and there most likely never have been
  • There are about 15,000 Asiatic black bears (tsukinowaguma, or moon circle bear) still living on Honshu.  On average, they measure between 43 and 60 inches in length and weigh between 130 and 260 pounds
  • There are about 1,000-2,000 Grizzly Bears (the Ussuri Brown Bear or “Black Grizzly” or Ursus Arctos Lasiotusliving on the Isle of Hokkaido and there used to be much more
  • About 1,000 bears are killed in Japan every year due to “bear nuisance” issues
  • Bears are not protected in Japan
Ussuri brown bear
Ussuri brown bear

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      1. Sorry to disappoint, Pete. We’re skiing too much right now… Much more original content on the way. You learned a bunch about Japanese bears tho, right? thanks.

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