VIDEO: Grooming At Night During A Wicked SnowStorm At Mt. Bachelor

SnowBrains |

Luke Menasco & Nate Vandersluis and headed out in the groomer at Mt. Bachelor on the night of March 6th, 2017 and captured this incredible video. Needless to say, the next day of skiing was epic.

About a week ago, my buddy Nate, who grooms overnight at Mt. Bachelor, gave, gave me a heads up that there was going to be an epic storm that night. He said, “come on up…and bring your camera.” Nate’s been grooming at Bachelor quite a while, and this is one of the biggest storms he’s seen up there. It’s been a deep winter this year for sure, and these guys are working hard keeping the runs, roads and lifts open every night. Next time you see a groomer on the mountain, give them a tip of the hat. Or offer to buy them a beer. Yeah, go with the beer,” stated Luke Menasco when talking with SnowBrains.


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