VIDEO: Have Used Patagonia Clothing? | Trade It In & Put It Towards New Gear

Chris Wallner | | Industry NewsIndustry News is an online store for used Patagonia clothing – helping clothes that sit idle in closets make their way back into the field, instead of the landfills. If you need a garment, you can buy used on (or new on Patagonia.come). If you are no longer using a piece of Patagonia clothing, trade it in at a Patagonia store and receive credit to put towards a used or new Patagonia product.

The Worn Wear Program. Image: Patagonia

How Does Worn Wear Work?

  • Bring your used Patagonia Clothing into a Patagonia store of your choice
  • They will look over your clothing and offer you a credit for what you have
  • That credit can be spent at,, and in Patagonia Retail Stores

What Will They Accept?

  • Perfectly functioning Patagonia clothing that is in good condition
  • Men’s Sportswear & Technical Style Clothing
  • Women’s Sportswear & Technical Style Clothing
  • Kids’ Sportswear & Technical Style Clothing
  • Patagonia Luggage
Worn Wear Stories. Image: Patagonia

“As individuals, the single best thing we can do for the planet is keep our stuff in use longer and reduce our overall consumption in the process,” stated Patagonia.

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