VIDEO: Hawaiian Surfer has Arm Dis-Attached from Shoulder on 50-Foot Mavericks, CA Wave Yesterday

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Hawaiian Garrett McNamara took a vicious fall on a huge wave at Mavericks in northern California yesterday.  He broke his arm and tore his arm from his shoulder in the wipe out.  Here is what his brother Liam had to say about it today:


“Just wanted to update everyone! My brother @mcnamara flew to California to surf Mavericks! He was the first guy out and went for the first bomb that came in! (It was a solid 50 foot plus face) he ate it half way down the drop and broke his arm!
His arm totally dis attached from his shoulder ! It was hanging on by the skin! He got smashed by numerous sets and was unable to grab a ski sled for a while cause he had no use of one of his arms!
Fortunately after getting pounded for a while he got on the ski and made it in! Thanks to @_timbrown_ @drwarreng for getting me in touch with 2 solid surgeons that will operate and fix his arm tomorrow in Marin county! Say a prayer for @mcnamara for a speedy recovery!” – Liam McNamara

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