VIDEO: Hazel Birnbaum’s Season Edit is Full of Gnar, Pow, and Endless Smiles

Dylan Cautela | BackcountryBackcountry


“Last season for me was tumultuous to say the least,  I was continually caught up in all the tiny little dramas, and expectations that life creates.  This fall as I waded through ski footage from last season, one thing remained apparent, skiing supplies me endless joy and happiness. I wanted to make an edit that showed this. I am a skier and an athlete. Wether or not you share the same passion as me, or an entirely different one, one message should remain constant, find your joy and don’t let it go.”

Hazel Birnbaum

What a shredder!
Hazel tearing it up at the Freeride World Tour. Source; Hazel Birnbaum’s Season Edit.

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