VIDEO: Heli-Bomb Triggers A Massive Avalanche Near Aspen Highlands, CO

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Avalanche mitigation has been as important as ever as of late.

This slide was triggered by a helicopter near Aspen Highlands/Castle Creek, CO. It occurred on Monday, March 11th, 2019.

Conditions are still very dangerous, so if you’re headed into the backcountry, do so with extreme caution.

“Here’s a video of avalanche mitigation near Aspen Highlands from yesterday.

We are transitioning from EXTREME (5of5) avalanche danger in most backcountry zones on March 7th thru HIGH (4of5) to CONSIDERABLE (3of5) in most zones today. The message we want to convey remains clear and simple: the avalanche conditions in the Colorado backcountry are still dangerous for anybody traveling in avalanche terrain. We have been at the business end of two back-to-back atmospheric river fire hoses. Our continental snowpack is no match for two maritime-type storms and we have seen, are in awe of, and may even run the risk of becoming somewhat numbed by all the historic avalanches in the past week. These avalanches have ripped through mature forest swaths, impacted buildings, highways, and other infrastructures, and resulted in two recent avalanche fatalities. No time more than now calls for focus and restraint. Natural avalanches are possible and human-triggered avalanches are likely today. These avalanches have the potential to be very large or historic and to run farther and wider than existing vegetative clues suggest. Valley bottoms in runout zones and typical “safer” terrain may be in harms way with avalanches of this magnitude. #GetTheForecast

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Check out more info on this slide here.

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