[VIDEO] Helicopter Collides With Mountain and Crashes During Rescue at Georgia Ski Resort

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The video above shows the dramatic moment a helicopter exploded during a failed mountain rescue operation in a popular ski resort in Georgia.

The helicopter’s tail collides with the side of a mountain, sending it into an uncontrollable spin before plummeting to the ground and exploding into a fireball.

An emergency team of medics and rescue workers was on board as it attempted to help two stranded paragliders trapped on a cliff face. All five on board perished.

The crash occurred in Gudauri, a popular ski resort for hang gliding and paragliding in the summer.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that it was one of their helicopters involved in the crash, which had lost control and “fell down” during the attempted rescue.

Three people died in 2019 after a helicopter belonging to a ski-resort hotel crashed in the same region of Georgia, and a video of a malfunctioning chairlift at Gudauri went viral in 2018.


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