VIDEO: Horrifying Moment Tourist Dangles Then Falls From Chairlift

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This is the shocking moment a man plummets to the ground after dangling from a chair lift at a ski resort as another skier desperately tries to hold on to him.

The incident took place at the Wanlong Ski Resort near Zhangjiakou in Hebei’s Chinese province at around 11 am on 15th March. The Wanlong Sports Tourism Company said that the male tourist identified only by his surname Wang, whose age was not given, accidentally slipped off the chair lift and was briefly suspended, helped by the others on the left before he eventually fell to the ground.

A rescue team rushed to the scene as quickly as possible and transferred the skier to the hospital. The man is currently receiving medical attention but is not in a life-threatening condition, according to reports.

The ski resort also reminded tourists to take care on ski lifts. In the footage, other group members on the ski chair hold onto the dangling man as rescuers climb a ladder to get to his position. The tourist screams as he loses grip and plummets to the ground, apparently crashing to earth moments before other rescuers on the ground can position a mat below him.

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