VIDEO: How Travis Rice Survived A NASTY Avalanche

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While filming his latest snowboarding video “The Fourth Phase,” Travis Rice was taken out by an avalanche in Valdez, AK. He tore some intercostal muscles, displaced a few ribs, and broke his board in many places, but most importantly he made it out alive. While this experience was terrifying for Travis, he used this incident to educate others on what happened and what they should do if something like this happens to them. Check this video out for a play by play of the avalanche from Travis and remember to always stay safe on the mountain!

“I knew that cliff was below me, this is going to suck, but gotta brace for impact. I probably went 80 to 100 feet,” stated Travis Rice pertaining to this avalanche.

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One thought on “VIDEO: How Travis Rice Survived A NASTY Avalanche

  1. Get the gear is the first commandment of #KBYG. Thanks Travis for sharing for everyone’s education and staying humble to the seriousness of your traumatic experience. Cheers!

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