VIDEO: Hundreds Mad Dash for 1st Chair at Alpine Meadows, CA Today!!!

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This is hilarious!

Alpine Meadows officials held skiers and snowboarders at the lodge until around 8am when they said:

“On your marks.  Get ready.  GO!!!”

Then this mad dash for first chair went down!


Alpine Meadows just saw 63″ of snow in 32 hours and the skiing was unreal there today.

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19 thoughts on “VIDEO: Hundreds Mad Dash for 1st Chair at Alpine Meadows, CA Today!!!

  1. Who is the Alpine Meadows idiot manager that suggested a stampede to the lift? I can just picture someone dying from multiple ski boot stomps to the skull!
    Yes, KSL has ruined a classic mountain known as a family resort. I worked at AM in the seventies, and my kids have skied there since they were 5. Just about time for the grand children to get started. We will be choosing another resort that cares about safety for their customers.

  2. The idea that Snowbrains thought this was hilarious says a lot. When kids and old ladies are getting trampled, something is very wrong. Alpine Meadows is now the of Squaw.

  3. More like at 9am, after squaw sent everyone to alpine did they pull this crap. That was hands down the worst crowd management I have ever experienced. Just let us line up as we get there like it used to be!!

    1. They were still doing avi control which is why they didn’t let you go out and just line up. Ya know, trying to save your lives.

      1. Yes, still doing any control. But the base area had been cleared long before this shit show happened

      2. Bull. Avalanches don’t reach the base area. Haven’t seen one in the 5 years I’ve worked there in ops.

          1. YES… They have reached the base area. I used to have a locker in the building that got wiped away in 1982 along with the lives of some dearly missed co-workers. RIP Bernie and Jake, you are still missed!
            This recent snow was not as deep but had less cohesion than ANY snowpack I’ve seen in the 40 years I’ve been here.
            Too bad the ski area was doing their job keeping the public out of harm’s way. If they had caved to the wishes of the eager patrons and opened only to have had a slide event, you certainly wouldn’t be happy while your friends were buried or dying… Safety first!

        1. YES… I agree with Chris. It most certainly HAS slid all the way to the base. My locker got wiped off the mountain in the building that used to be downhill from the bottom station of Summit chair along with some dearly missed co-workers.
          RIP Bernie and Jake – you are still missed!
          Not as much snow but less cohesive than ANY snowpack I’ve seen in my 40 years in the basin.
          Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! If they had opened and experienced an avalanche event, I’m fairly certain you would be much more upset if you &/or friends were buried or dead – like mine. In ’82, at least they had the resort closed for days, but it happened anyway despite a lot of effort to prevent it.
          Stay safe.

    1. Chris, check out our instagram story for a taster from Today.

      We have a full edit from Alpine and Squaw yesterday:

      Sorry we haven’t been living up to your expectations. We were up in BC most the season and got up lots of pillow skiing edits from up there this season:



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