VIDEO: Insane Blizzard Conditions At Mount Washington Observatory

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather

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Wind gusts over 100mph combined with snowfall rates of over 5″ per hour make for some wicked conditions. Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, is currently experiencing those conditions and it is making for a full on Blizzard. The storm is expected to last through Wednesday with 3-5″ forecasted throughout the day along with another 3-5″ forecasted overnight Wednesday. This should make for some epic powder skiing, but it will need to be done with extreme caution.

“Check out this video we captured this afternoon as this intense Nor’easter strikes the summit of Mount Washington! Incredible amounts of blowing snow are depicted as winds gust over 110 mph, with snow falling at rates in excess of 5″ per hour! It’s an awe-inspiring scene on top of the Northeastern U.S. right now,” stated the Mount Washington Observatory on Facebook.

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