VIDEO: Insane, Sexy Hawaiian Cliff Diving

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It’s always summer in Hawaii and these guys and gals know how to bottle it.  These divers have a lot of skill, creativity, and they know how to make it all look sexy.  The dancing segments are the key.

If you’re experiencing the “Summertime Blues” right now because the snow is gone, this should cheer you up and re-motivate you.  Summer is hot.  Summer is sexy.  and summer is long.

Instead of hating summer and suffering through it (cough, cough, Andy Hays…) you should embrace it dial in an outdoor summer sport (mountain biking, surfing, swimming, cliff diving, trail running, basketball, baseball, football, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, bicycling, squash, most sports are summer sports ya know…).

If you’re interesting in Cliff Diving in California, we’ve got you:

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Insane, Sexy Hawaiian Cliff Diving

  1. did anyone else notice the two ladies mooning the camera in one of the fast group shots? nice!

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