VIDEO: Jake Blauvelt Draws Seriously Beautiful Lines in Full Circle

Jon Roubik | | Featured VideoFeatured Video

Jake Blauvelt draws seriously beautiful lines in his new short film, Full Circle. The manner in which Jake slices his turns – the placement within terrain features, the tight radius of the arc, the complete follow through, and the seamless connection to the following turn or straight-line through a narrow chute makes his approach to big lines seem all too casual.

“He’s a perfect blend of fluidity and power and his calculated and concise approach to riding a snowboard has defined his persona in our culture.” – T. Bird, editor of SNOWBOARDER Magazine

With visually alluring riding backed by support from a solid entourage including Kazu Kokubo, Austen Sweetin, Austin Smith and Beau Bishop, Full Circle is one video not to be missed. 

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