VIDEO: Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve

Miles Clark |

skip to 2:33 to see the kayak in sieve.

This video is intense.  It’s not often you watch a man fighting for his life.  

Jordie Searle is the kayaker in this video that has been trapped in a sieve in the Nevis River while paddling for Red Bull’s “Flow Hunters”.  A river sieve is when water runs through a hole in the rocks.  Once caught the only option may be to go through that sieve and hope you don’t get stuck while passing through.

Jordie Searle found himself on the wrong side of a sieve while paddling the Nevis River for Red Bull’s Flow Hunters.

His friends do everything they can to help the stuck kayaker, but in the end, he has to deal with the situation himself.

“A kayaker’s life is on the line as a sieve drags him under the rapids and his friends try desperately to save his life.” – Outside Magazine

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