VIDEO: Kelly Slater Just Pulled-Off an Impossible Trick in CA

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While competing in the Lower Trestles Wolrd Surf League competitions in California yesterday, 43-year-old 11 time world champion Kelly Slater launched an air that he likely hoped would be a 360º.  He got off-kilter, off-axis,  off his rocker, and lost the board from his feet mid-flight.  No worries, he landed right on the board in the whitewash, grabbed it, popped back up on it, and proceeded to finish destroying the wave he was riding.

To us, this should have scored him an enormous score.  But judges only gave him a 4.17 out of a possible 10.  They docked him because he did essentially fall down and lose control for an instant.

But we all know this should have been scored a 9, because not only did Slater surf the wave well, but he had the focus to fall on a challenging maneuver like that and get himself back on the board instantly and keep surfing.  

Props, Slater.

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