VIDEO: LA Rams Running Back John Kelly Says Skateboarding is Harder than Football

Jon Roubik |

John Kelly may be an NFL Linebacker for the LA Rams, but he’s also a skater. As he explains, it’s skateboarding, not football, which is the more difficult of the two.

The 22-year old was recently recorded skating The Berrics and giving an interview where he talks about both the challenges and the draw of skateboarding as well as balancing it with a professional football career. 

“I almost didn’t play football, because I was going to skate. Yeah, it’s like that!”

John Kelly exemplifies how riding a piece of wood can create an almost meditative connection between body and mind and he showcases how that connection can influence personal growth and provide peace. Here, he shares a unique perspective on embracing the simple act of skateboarding, from someone who’s seemingly had a world of other opportunity at their fingertips. Very cool.

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