VIDEO: Last Frontier Heliskiing = 960″ of Snow/Year + 3,500 Sq. Mi.

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Last Frontier Heliskiing – Quick Facts:

  • Single largest heliski tenure on earth at over 9500 square km
  • Unlimited high alpine (glaciated) and tree skiing
  • 25m (82 feet or 960 inches) average annual snowfall
  • 5 guests per helicopter
  • 2 remote lodges at Bell 2 and Stewart, BC
  • Located in Northwestern British Columbia on the edge of the Alaskan Panhandle
  • Sauna, hot tub and massage service

This place is big, it’s remote, they get a ton of snow, and the terrain is world class.  This video leaves us drooling.

960″ inches of snow per year and the largest heliski tenure on Earth?  We can work with that.


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