VIDEO: The Longest Ski Line in the World: 18,000-Foot Mount St. Elias, AK

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“The south side of Mt. St. Elias, located on the border of Alaska and Yukon Territory, has the longest vertical ski run in the world. From the ocean this mountain shoots up to 18,008′. Janelle Smiley, Jed Porter, and myself started from the ocean, climbed to the top, and skied about 13,000′ of Harvard Route.

All footage shot on site, during our ascent and descent.” – The Smiley Project

Janelle Smiley, Mark Smiley, and Jed Porter just climbed 18,008′ Mount St. Elias, AK and skied from the summit to the beach pulling off the longest ski decent on Earth in June 2016.

I can tell you first hand that these people very much know what they’re doing in the mountains (Mark & Jed are fully certified IFMGA mountain guides and Janelle is an Exum mountain guide and a 2-time North American ski mountaineering champion).  These guys pull off the impossible, make it look easy, and are ridiculously good people all at the same time.

These 3 were also my roommates this past winter in Jackson Hole.  I also used to guide with Mark and Janelle on Mt. Rainier, WA.

The Smiley’s also just climbed all the 50 Classic Climbs of North America.  It took them 7 years and the images and videos they have from it are absolutely epic.

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