VIDEO: Lower Valley Energy Making Progress In Jackson Hole

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Lower Valley Energy, along with five outside power companies are working ’round the clock to restore power. Image: LVE

Lower Valley Energy recently released an update on their progress in Jackson Hole and it is good news. After working through the night, the company has replaced 11 of 17 downed power line poles. They are shooting for a completion date of Monday, just as Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is planning to re-open that day. LVE was able to restore power to the Teton Village Fire Department, along with powering 1/3 of Solitude.

JHMR power pole down.

The biggest problem for Lower Valley Energy so far has been getting the supplies that they need from Denver with all of the road closures. Around 25 expert lineman arrived in Jackson Hole bringing all that they could from Salt Lake City, UT and Denver, CO, but they are still in need of more supplies. They are running back and forth to bring supplies to the area.

Lower Valley Energy has expressed its gratitude towards the citizens of Jackson Hole for their cooperation and understanding with the situation at hand. Anna Cole from JHMR is reporting Hoback Sports in town is open tomorrow starting at 8 a.m. and will be processing ticket refunds for the resort. Lance Koudele was able to capture some footage of the repairs being made.

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