[VIDEO] Man Lands Huge 600lb Marlin From a Kayak

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Everyone here at Los Buzos has been looking forward to this day since the beginning. We have had many clients hook these big black marlin but none have been able to hold on long enough to get the leader… until NOW! Scott has been visiting us for years and is on his 7th trip! It is amazing to have awesome fishermen like him coming back for so many visits. It really goes to show how amazing our fishery is. This time it really paid off for him!

We are all shocked at the short amount of time that it took for him to bring the fish to the kayak. My marlin fight back in 2019 took me 5 hours as the fish towed me 12 miles… this fish was at the boat in 45 minutes! Unbelievable catch… then later in the week Scott tops it off by catching a Cubera snapper that crushes the world record by 4 inches!

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2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Man Lands Huge 600lb Marlin From a Kayak

  1. Agree with you totally . Our oceans are being depleted of all sea life why does someone have to go out of their way to kill for sport . So shameful that fish would rather be swimming .

  2. We are already stressing their environment, polluting with plastic, acidifying the oceans. Title should be man murders majestic 600lb sea creature just so he can have a trophy catch on his wall.

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