VIDEO: Miles Clark’s 2016/17 Season Edit = 728″ at Squaw Valley, CA + 593″ Jackson Hole, WY

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All the skiing in this video was done on the 189cm SCOTT Scrapper 115 ski.

Last season was epic at Squaw Valley, CA & Jackson Hole, WY.

Squaw saw the 2nd most snow they’ve ever recorded (728″). 

Jackson Hole saw the most snow they’ve ever recorded (593″) as well as the deepest snowpack they’ve ever recorded (158″)

I split my season between Squaw Valley CA and Jackson Hole WY in 2016/17 and spent our summer in Bariloche, Argentina.  Bariloche saw double their average snowfall this winter including a stint of 33 powder days in a row.

Miles about to drop into a fun one in Bariloche, Argentina in September 2017.

I skied 216 days in 2016/17 – 108 of them were powder days.

I skied powder days on 4 continents in 2017/18:  North America, South America, Europe, Antarctica.

I’m content, exhausted, and grateful – especially after I battled a knee injury the past two seasons that kept me mostly off snow.

2016/17 was the best winter of my life.  Thanks you, everyone.

Miles Clark getting DEEP at Brighton, UT on 12/17/16. image: court leve

Big Thanks to my sponsors: SCOTT Sports, Intuition Liners, Backcountry Access, Helly Hansen, CLIF Bar, Hestra Gloves, Osprey Packs, GoPro, Olympic Boot Works.

Huge thanks to my friends and family for supporting me through my recent injuries and this ridiculously snowy season. A special shout out to the Sheepy Hollow Crew and Smiley’s for keeping roofs over my head, intelligent conversations in my ears, and drowning me in good vibes in Squaw and Jackson last winter.

Miles skiing in Svalbard, Norway in May 2017. image: matt bansak/ice axe expeditions

Thanks for strong videography in this video from Dane Shannon, Andrew Whiteford, Bruce Edgerly, and Aimee Doran.

About Miles Clark:

Miles is a professional freeskier, mountain guide, and co-founder of SnowBrains who is based in Squaw Valley CA, Jackson Hole WY, and Bariloche Argentina.

Miles skiing in Antarctica on King George Island in November 2017. image: eric roepke/ice axe expeditions

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Miles Clark’s 2016/17 Season Edit = 728″ at Squaw Valley, CA + 593″ Jackson Hole, WY

  1. Hi MIles,

    I admire your skiing efforts.
    My objective is to ski in every ski resort in the world with more than (approx.) 8 lifts which limit does not apply to “exotic” skiing destinations . I guess I am in the last third of my “mission” now.

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