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During the epic winter of 2006, everything in Tahoe filled in.  The Crescent Couloir on Round Top near Carson Pass, CA had been calling our name for years.  In 2006, it was ready.

In May, we headed down to Round Top to give it a go.  There were some burley tracks on the skier’s left face, but we went for the safe route.  Or at least we thought it would be safe.

My dog, Hidatsa, on top of Jake'sPeak
My dog, Hidatsa, on top of Jake’s Peak, CA getting ready to “ski” down.  photo:  Julian Hana

My dog, Hidatsa, had gone down with the gentleman who was filming us, Duane.  This was a mistake.  When our buddy Adam skied down, she couldn’t control her excitement and she jumped out at him.  He turned to stop and his snow-spray knocked her down the chute.  She tomahawked 26 times to the bottom.  As always, she was totally unhurt and came up smiling and waging her tail.  Unreal dog.

Hidatsa was an absolute mountain goat.  In her life, she’d climbed seventeen 14,000 foot peaks and been backcountry skiing hundreds of times with me in AK, CA, UT, OR, WA, NV, CO & B.C. 


I got Hidatsa at the Martinez, CA pound.  She was found in a gutter with her 7 other brothers and sisters.  They were all motley colored mongrel looking dogs.  Hidatsa was the only one with any distinct pattern.  I loved here black and tan suit and chose her.

She was a full-bore mountain dog.  She never got seriously injured, never got sick, and was still charging hard right up until she was 14.5 years old.  I still miss her everyday and dream about her at least once a month.

Learn more about Hidatsa & watch her huck a mandatory 15-Foot here:

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: My Dog Tomahawking 26 Times Down Crescent Couloir, CA | Dog-A-Hawk

  1. She’s beautiful and sounds like such a cool dog. If you ever want a similar dog, Google “English Shepherd black and tan”. There’s your dog. I own a male of the breed. They’re amazing.

    1. Hey Rachel, I just googled the English shepherd black and tan. Great lookin’ dog. Yes, Hidatsa was an amazing dog. I miss her everyday. Once I get more settled in one place I very much look forward to getting another dog. I’ll keep this English shepherd in mind for sure. thanks.

  2. Greetings Hairfarmer
    We’re moving to CA. Will ski North shore & Mammoth.
    Tr & John

  3. nice piece, I adopted my first dog at the Martinez shelter as well, Ebony, smartest dog i have ever met . now Hidatsa and Ebony have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and entered the place where there are no cats and all the squirrels get caught !!

    1. That Martinez pound is putting out some great dogs, huh. I love your line about the squirrels and cats. Man, that dog loved chasing Squirrels.

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