VIDEO: Mysterious Skier Brings Jet Pack to Ski Resort, Uses it to Zoom up the Hill

Martin Kuprianowicz | LaughsLaughs

An unidentified flying skier (UFS) has been spotted at a remote ski area in the Scottish Highlands zooming around with a jet pack. I’m not making this up.

The man who recently earned himself the nickname, “Rocket Man,” has been using his apparent homemade jet propulsion system to fly him up the slopes, saving him both time waiting in lift lines and money on a day pass, the New Zealand Herald reports. Some consider him a genius while others, a crook.

Regardless of how you feel about this, you gotta hand it to our mystery rocket man — he came up with a pretty ingenious idea, and it looks pretty damn fun. 

This video first appeared on The Daily Mail showing ‘Rocket Man’ zipping up to the top of the hill only to ski back down and do it again. We salute you, Rocket Man.

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