VIDEO: New World Record Cliff Jump Set Over Waterfall at 195′

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Brazillian born, Swiss raised, 27-year-old Laso Schaller has set a new cliff-jump world record at 195′ landing in only 26′ of water on August 4th, 2015.  He went from 0mph to 75mph during his 195′ drop and hit the water hard created a sound like a gunshot.

Laso’s team set up air tanks to create bubbles that would break the surface tension of the water and provide a softer landing.  Laso missed the aerated water and hit hard water on his landing which slightly dislocated his right hip for a second or two.

“Once you get above 25m (82ft), everything starts to look and feel the same,” he says. “The only difference is the airtime.” – Laso Schaller

He performed his jump at the Cascata del Salto in Switzerland.

The Cascada del Salto, Maggia, Switzerland; location for the world's highest cliff dive
Cascada del Salto, Maggia, Switzerland © Lukas Pilz

The jump on endless repeat…

Laso Schaller goes big in animated gif format in Switzerland
Laso goes from top to bottom in 24 frames© Lukas Pilz


Arms out for control

Laso Schaller in mid air after leaping off the Cascata del Salto near Maggia
Milliseconds after the leap © Josh Sampiero


Look closely and you can see him…

Gif of canyoner Laso Schaller jumping from Cascata dl Salto in Switzerland
Look closely, and you can see Laso dropping…© Lukas Pilz

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