VIDEO: Nicolas Müller in “Stay Tuned”

Jon Roubik | | Featured VideoFeatured Video

I’ve always believed there is no wrong way to ride a snowboard. That is the whole essence of snowboarding – you can do it any way you can imagine.

Nicolas Müller, however, has a way of leaving you with a feeling that how he rides is the right way.

The amount Nicolas enjoys imagining new approaches to features and terrain comes through in his video parts. You can always bet there’s something you’ve never seen before. From simple ollies and butters, to deep pow slashes and big lines, there’s nothing the style master doesn’t make look good. And his method, easily one of the best in the game (see 2:30).

Here, Nico destroys in yet another full part in Stay Tuned, the latest featured video from Absinthe Films. Going on two decades at the forefront of inspiring riding, there’s no sign of this guy slowing down.

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