VIDEO: Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Shares Her At-Home Core and Balance Routine

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Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn shares her quick and simple home workout routine to keep you in ski shape during summer. Her routine consists of two circuits that focus on working your core and improving balance, according to Men’s Health.

The workout consists of 12 opposite-arm dead bugs, a 30-second plank hold, and 12 squats.

Men’s Health originally shared Vonn’s at-home workout where they wrote:

The first circuit consists of two moves, starting with 24 ice skaters (12 for each leg). “The lower you go with your push-off leg, the harder it’s going to be,” says Vonn. This is followed by a single leg balance hold (30 seconds each leg). “Really try to engage the leg, quad, glutes, core, everything, keep it nice and tight,” she says. “Switch to the next leg, keeping that knee balanced if you can.” Do both exercises four times, with a 30 second rest in between each set.

The second circuit starts with alternating reverse lunges (12 each side). “The lower you go with the front leg, the harder it’s going to be,” she says. The next move is a 30-second weighted squat hold. In place of a medicine ball or weight, Vonn is just using what she has to hand in quarantine; a big bottle of bleach. She recommends two sets of each move, with a 30 second rest.

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