VIDEO: Olympic Snowboarders Kelly Clark & Mike Schultz Will Be Featured On Kellogg Cereal Boxes

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Keeping on a tradition started by Gold medal pole vaulter Bob Richards in 1958, Kelloggs has come out with cereal boxes starring Olympic athletes once again. In time for eating whilst cheering on your favourites in Pyeongchang, South Korea, these will feature the 5 athletes favourite breakfast bowls, based around Kelloggs cereals.

Kelly Clark, who will be in the US Olympic team for a record 5th time at 33 years old in Pyeongchang, has been a force in snowboard halfpipe since helping put the sport on the map by winning gold, at the Salt Lake games in 2002. It has been a long road back for her this time, after having hip surgery last March, which, including rehab, took seven months out of being able to work towards this goal.  It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Kelly will win yet another Olympic medal, but will it be Gold? We’ll see.

Seeing snow-related images on the boxes makes them so much more appealing. Image: Kellogg’s

Mike Schultz, after rebuilding his own leg, using a mountain bike shock, and his own patented linkage system, following a nasty snocross crash in the winter X-games in 2008, is now competing at the Winter Paralympics in Snowboard cross and Banked Slalom events. Mike, by his own admission, has been a lifetime lover of action sports, and when a crash left him with his leg amputated above the knee, there was no choice but to find a way to carry on. The “Moto knee” now helps many amputees take part in the sports they loved before they had an amputation.

With all the controversy regarding the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the uncertainty surrounding the Russian teams participation, and the security concerns, it is good to see some things are still the same. The South Korean Winter Olympics has become more than just another Olympics, due to the political climate around the Korean peninsula, but at the end of the day, this is a competition between athletes, and hopefully that will be the focus once it starts on the 9th February. Good luck to all the athletes involved in the Winter Olympics.

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