[VIDEO] Over 400 People Stranded After Blizzard Slams Andes Mountain Pass

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While the storm dumping multiple feet of snow in the Andes is good for skiers and riders, it was not so good for these motorists.

Apocalypse in Chile! More than 400 people stranded in a dramatic snowstorm in Los Andes, Chile

More than 400 people including tourists and truck drivers were stranded in a blizzard in the Andes mountains near the Argentina-Chile border, with temperatures plummeting below freezing.

On the Argentine side, a total of 120 people were rescued by police and the army while another 200 were still trapped at an altitude of 3,000 meters. An official from Las Heras Village, Hector Tello, told the media that the temperature dropped to -10 degrees Celsius with snow more than a meter thick covering the road.

The region, about 1,200 kilometers west of Buenos Aires, was hit by extremely cold weather. Tello said people had to be evacuated to shelters in the city near the targeted evacuation operation completed today. “The weather conditions continue to be bad,” he said.

Meanwhile, police officer Hector Castro said more than 200 people were also stranded in parts of Chile. Blizzards have hit since Saturday, battering mountainous routes linking the two countries and leaving more than 300 vehicles stranded. In fact, authorities closed the Los Libertadores border entrance. – AFP

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