[VIDEO] Owen Leeper Presents “3 Chutes You Could Die Skiing” – Part 3

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Friend of SnowBrains Owen Leeper is here with the third part of a series of videos about 3 Jackson Hole backcountry chutes that you could die skiing. Sounds fun but scary!

“Skiing three different couloirs in the Jackson Hole backcountry, all three could kill you if you messed up on the way down. Part 3 of 3, a couple tight turns into the couloir with an air out the bottom. I took the first turn a little too fast and almost lost it on one ski. I was able to pull it back just in time to jump over the rock out the bottom. Could have been very bad if I crashed into the rocks going that fast.” – Owen Leeper

Owen Leeper brings a whole new meaning to “threading the needle” with part three of his “3 Chutes You Could Die Skiing” YouTube series. | Screenshot courtesy of Owen Leeper

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One thought on “[VIDEO] Owen Leeper Presents “3 Chutes You Could Die Skiing” – Part 3

  1. “Three chutes you could die skiing” What a joke. Skiers and riders love to talk about how serious the consequences are of big mountain skiing are and how that makes them a “bad ass” or whatever. As soon as someone actually gets hurt, has a TBI + cervical vertebrae FX’s, while skiing big lines everyone acts all surprised. Recreating in the mountains is inherently dangerous and it doesn’t make you cool. Settle the F down.

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