[VIDEO] Perisher Skitube, Australia, Gets a Make-Over

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The new look of the Perisher Skitube, spray painted by Mike Shankster and Arina Apostolova. | Picture: Mike Shankster Instagram Account

The Skitube in Perisher, Australia, is a Swiss-designed mountain rack-railway that takes skiers from Bullocks Flat below the natural snow-line outside the Kosciuszko National Park to Perisher Valley. From Perisher Valley, a second train also travels to Blue Cow.

Mike Shankster and Ariana Apostova at work at Bullocks Flat. | Picture: Ariana Apostova

The Skitube started operations in 1987, and it remains the most popular means of reaching the Perisher Ski Resort, taking 4,500 pax an hour up the mountain. After 36 years of operations, it was time for an update, and two artists, Mike Shankster and Arina Apostolova, were called to spruce up the train’s exterior.

The Perisher Skitube with its new design featuring native fauna. | Picture: Ariana Apostolova

Ariana shared the outcome on her Instagram Page, and it looks fantastic! I cannot wait to see it in person. Let us know what you think of the makeover in the comments.

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