VIDEO: What’s Possible at Squaw Valley Right Now

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“A couple new zones are “opening up” at Squaw Valley!” –  

Squaw Valley got 68″ of snow in 7 days last week.  The snow came in hot and heavy and left crusty.  But, this is Squaw, so regardless of how well the snow was skiing, people are always going to get after it.  Kyle got after it and his two videos here really show us how conditions have been and exactly what is possible at Squaw Valley USA right now.

These video show us:  Granite Chief Peak, lotsa Shirley Chutes, & Light Towers (Headwall).

“So one time it snowed at Squaw and I went skiing. I think It was kind of like skiing on the moon. I also have never been to the moon. One time I went to all you can eat sushi and had 71 pieces. Odds are I went to Dairy Queen after that to enjoy the Blizzard of the Month. Aaron Fox is the dude in yellow in the video. Odds are his fat ass enjoyed sushi and blizzards with me as well.” –  


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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: What’s Possible at Squaw Valley Right Now

  1. It’s all possible if your cajones are large enough.

    Speaking of weak sauce, how hard would it be for Squaw to pump some snow for the headwall load ramp. Had a great chuckle watching the gaperfesters gaping hard on that the past couple of days, even today, temps have been cold enough.

    And 5 days to get kt up and running, weakest sauce ever.

    C’mon let’s see some Extraordinary Soul of Skiiing, doucheymcdouchebags.

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