VIDEO: Private Chimney Session at Squaw Valley, CA

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Yesterday, we had a private Chimney session on the Palisades at Squaw Valley, USA.

On the previous day, Monday, we were sure we’d had the last Chimney session of the year.

No one would have suspected that the Chimney would be open yesterday, but alas it was and there were very few takers.

Looking into the Chimney Sweep yesterday. photo: snowbrains/miles

As we were coming up Headwall, we watched Errol Kerr drop in and crush a line in the Chimney.  Game on.

Patrol was extra cool yesterday and simply left the Chimney open hours.  We did three laps and it was still open when we walked away and we didn’t see anyone else hit it.  Thanks, patrol!

Andy in Chimney yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Conditions were soft and a bit funky but fun.  Even though the Chimney is über filled in, it’s still scary and spicy and bergshrund-y and adrenaline-gland-squeezy.

Aaron Fox and Andy Hays and myself hit Chimney Sweep, Center Line and Big Easy and they were all damn fun.

Chimney… photo: snowbrains

The bergshrund at the bottom of Center Line was ominous, but worked out without a hitch.

Oh, and the park was all time yesterday.  So fun to watch everyone going off in the Squaw park again.

bald eagle yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Squaw is simply going off right now and there is no end in sight…

Oh, and a bald eagle soared over the park today for a while.  I took it as a good omen.

Photo Tour:

Andy on Chimney yesterday. photo: snowbrains

open! photo: snowbrains
Andy below Chimney yesterday. photo: snowbrains
Palisades yesterday. photo: snowbrains


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  1. I guess if I didn’t post my laps on the interwebz they didn’t happen. Squallykooks.

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