VIDEO: Pro Skier Stan Rey Shares 10 Quick & Easy Tips on How to Ski Tour

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Professional skier and die-hard Canadian mountain man Stan Rey shares 10 quick and easy tips on how to ski tour in this video.

He wrote in the video’s caption on YouTube:

In this episode I take you into the backcountry to talk about ski touring. You will learn 3 essential tools that you must bring with you every time you go ski touring, how to put on and take off your skins, how to kick turn, break trail safely and much more. Remember that this by no means replaces an Avalanche course so I put a few links down below to help you get started.

0:00 Intro

01:00 3 essential tools

01:51 How to put on your skins

03:26 How to take your skins off

04:45 How to kick turn

05:13 How to get up from a fall

05:35 How to break trail

06:01 How to build a bench

06:21 Bring snacks and water

06:42 Don’t be a tool bring one

07:01 Remember to go into walk mode

Planning / route finding

I like to us​ or for route finding if I don’t know the area.

Make sure to check a few weather apps the night before and morning of to see what you will be dealing with through out the day. I like to check.,-122.954,5

You should always check the avalanche bulletins for your area before heading out and make plans accordingly to the current risk and conditions.

Avalanche bulletins:




If you don’t have any kind of training you must get out and educate yourself and take an avalanche course. There are many outfitters out there but here are a few if you don’t know of any.

Avalanche courses:

Canada: (Click the ‘learn tab’)



Hope this helps and remember to stay safe and have fun.

Special thanks to Gabriel Kuper and Derek Tsui for filming and shooting this video.

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