VIDEO: Pro Skier Wiley Miller Sends Big Backcountry Kicker, Has Close Call with Avalanche

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Professional skier and 4FRNT athlete Wiley Miller shares his vulnerable experience of an avalanche he triggered in the backcountry earlier this season.

The video is eye-opening…

Wake Up Call

***This post is being shared in hopes to support the current issues with our snowpack here in SW Montana, as well as many areas with similar issues in the snowpack across the western US***

We dug multiple pits and after a thoughtful discussion, I decided the slope was willing to deal with me riding it. We had multiple people in safety positions ready to assist if needed prior to dropping in, a standard we strive for every day in avalanche terrain.

After 3 hits the slope gave way. Perhaps I struck a shallow area of the landing, perhaps my assumed confidence in the slope was wrong… most likely a combination.

My takeaway, that of hyper increased caution. This is my career and I’m admittedly forever a student in the world of snowpack education, yesterday was a step in furthering that 🙏 / 🎥: @bradreetrot

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